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    Education & Training
    Local Focus

    A New State Association. . . A New Beginning. . .
    In early 2001, a group of association leaders representing four (4) local associations across Florida began a series of meetings to determine the viability of forming a new statewide HVACR association that might truly represent the industry.

    These founding participants have moved slowly and purposefully in the construction of this new organization called Florida RACCA, Inc. (The acronym meaning: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association.) The incorporation of this, new, not-for-profit group was made official in November of 2001.

    Fresh Start
    It has become increasingly clear, over the past several years, that existing state groups representing HVACR have not been effective. Any efforts to produce cohesion on statewide issues were always trampled by more powerful interests. Grass roots support for a state organization from individual contractors and local chapters has been virtually non-existent. Financing was swallowed up in administrative costs rather than services and representation.

    Recognizing all of our past short comings as a represented industry has encouraged a new thought process and a determination, on the part of FRACCA’s leadership, to build an organization that supports its membership at the chapter level and, even more, at the individual contractor level. In turn, the new state group will derive its strength from the individual contractor and chapter members.

    Mutual Support
    This concept of including all local chapter contractors in FRACCA’s membership base relies on local organizations making the commitment to charter themselves as chapters of FRACCA. Each local organization must meet specific criteria in order to charter and maintain a chapter. The chapter pays the dues for each one of its contractor members. The state association will consider each contractor (in every chartered chapter) a member of the state group. The state association will not only bring programs, benefits and services to chapters; but also to the individual contractor members.

    In exchange for the cooperation and support of the local chapters, the state association will provide representation of the industry before all state regulatory bodies.

    FRACCA will support its local chapters by referring membership inquiries to an area where a chapter exists. “At-large” memberships will be available to contractors, but these memberships will be at a significantly higher cost than going through a local chapter.

    Additionally, FRACCA will provide support for its chapters and their members by developing the following programs:

    • Packaged educational seminars (including Continuing Education credits)
    • Group Purchasing Programs
    • Discounted Services
    • Annual conferences and trade shows
    • Extensive communications on industry issues.
    • On-line and Website services (including membership referral program

    466 94th avenue north, st. petersburg, florida 33702 | phone: 727.576.3225 | fax: 727.578.9982
    copyright © 2011-2014, FRACCA

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